Customs Bonded Warehouse in Nhava Sheva, Mumbai

Customs Bonded Warehouse

Best Warehousing recognizes the needs of all kinds of customers including our importers. Hence, the customs bonded warehouse service, also called CBW service at Best Warehousing involves:

  • The storage of imported goods without paying any customs duties
  • Coverage as per all the latest international trade practices
  • Storage of goods in close proximity to foreign customers
  • The added advantage of pushing the customs payments till your goods are out
  • Fireproof warehouses with all provisions to avoid electrical short circuits
  • Professionals teams constantly working toward all client consignments to ensure security
  • Built on-site and off-site as per customers’ needs
  • Affordable pricing

In brief, our customs bond warehouses are quite advantageous because it is licensed by the Central Board of Customs to import your goods for you, receive them on your behalf, and store them as part of our service without any payment of customs tax. This service allows you to store your goods for a short-long duration without the hassle of any tax and duty payment till the stage that the goods are released for domestic consumption.

The Central Board of Customs has provided in its national legislation for Customs warehousing procedures at various major ports in the country, including our CBW at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT).

(3,00,000 carpet Sq.Ft)

  • 1 Floor - 40000 Sq Ft
  • Ground Floor - 160,000 Sq Ft.
  • 1st Floor - 1,00,000 Sq Ft.
  • Multi storey - 4 Freight Elevators


Dronagiri, Navi Mumbai,Dist.Raigad, Maharashtra


Contact No: 9594963312

Tel No: 022-23777777 / 022-27247777


  • 1st Floor - 200000 Sq Ft.
  • RCC Gr.Floor - 200000Sq.Ft.
  • Carpet Area - 260,000Sq.Ft.
  • Steel Metal Roof Shed with Two lifts


KWC, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai – 410218. Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra


Contact No: 9594963312

Tel No: 022-27422477 / 022- 27422478 / 022-27422577

Bonded Warehousing Mumbai

The notion of ‘bonded warehousing’ was primarily tried out at Whitefield (Bangalore). The importers were able to store cargo and cause partial releases thus deferring duty payment to Customs, and together releasing the international (ISO) container in which the cargo is imported.

Bonded warehousing provides a dual benefit to the importer. On the one hand, it enables the deferral of duty payment, and on the other hand, allows for cargo to be stored under the relatively affordable option of warehouse storage as against holding on to an ISO container for which dollar charter rentals accumulate on the importer.

There’s an increase in demand for bonding warehousing in different parts of the country. Best Warehousing has an exceptional benefit in delivering this service. Its warehouses are situated in close immediacy to the sidings/ ICDs where imports come in the first place. This makes the bonding of cargo a very cost-efficient alternative, as there’re practically no transfer costs included in the movement of cargo from the landing facility to a chosen...

In order to strike into this highly productive division of the business, bonded warehousing facilities have already been made operational by Best Warehousing at its terminal in Mumbai and JNPT.

Custom Bonded Warehousing Services

We are engaged in delivering Custom Bonded Warehousing Services to our clients. Our warehouses possess few special features like totally fireproof, no issue of electrical short circuit and a completely hygienic environment that makes it a well-equipped unit. Our squad of professionals monitors and look after our clients’ consignments making sure complete security. These warehouses are built on-site and off-site locations based on the client’s needs. In addition, we provide this Custom Bonded Warehousing Services at very affordable prices.

Bonded Warehousing

Bonded warehouses are witnessing an increase in demand in various parts of the country. And Best Warehousing keeps up with all trends in the warehousing niche by making sure that all new types of warehousing management services in Mumbai are offered to all our customers. Here are some of our exceptional services included for bonded warehouses:

  • Allows you to defer and delay the payment of duty tax
  • Storage of cargo under affordable prices as against holding onto an ISA container with expensive rental costs for importers
  • The close proximity of bonded warehouses to the sidings/ICDs where imports are collected from
  • Cost-efficient cargo bonding because the close proximity allows minimizing any kind of transfer costs
  • Large spaces available for commercial consignments
  • Complete fire and pest protection
  • Tracking and security with top-notch technology
  • 27x7 power back up

In order to strike into this highly productive division of the business, bonded warehousing facilities have already been made operational by Best Warehousing at its terminal in Mumbai and JNPT.

For the global expansion of your business, it becomes essential to find excellent and experiences bonded warehouse services. Your choice of a warehouse facility leads to the opening up of several business prospects. And lastly, the ultimate reason why our warehouses are of massive significance is that all your cargo is dealt with security and efficiency until it’s delivered.